The International Competition and the juries of OWR13

The 13th edition of the One World Romania Documentary and Human Rights Film Festival will be held from the 20th to the 29th of March, in Bucharest and will emphasize unique ways of perceiving and expressing contemporary society.

If the great challenges of our time are characterized by their universality, the media tends to standardize experiences and impose a common language to communicate impressions that remain, however, irretrievably unique. It is precisely this tension between general themes and particular modes of expression that will be the main thread of the competition of the new edition. Through the selected films, The International Competition will provide an overview of documentary cinema in its most conceptual and formally ambitious aspects, and will prove that the cinematic language is a living matter, in continuous transformation and reinvention.

In all but three of the films of the competition, the author fixes his camera on the surrounding world. This one appears sometimes under the features of an individual - a lonely woman, the patron saint of a cafe in the middle of the desert, in Desert Street no. 143(Hassen Ferhani), a Nigerian immigrant settled in Austria, in Movements of a nearby mountain(Sebastian Brameshuber), or a man who dies alone and triggers a wave of memories in his fellow villagers, in Oroslan(Matiaž Ivanišin). At other times, the directors draw relevant connections between the present situation of the world and neo-colonialism in the early twentieth century, such as in Fordlandia Malaise(Susana de Sousa Dias), the Vietnam War in The Future Cries beneath our Soil(Phan Thu Hang), or the first concentration camps that emerged immediately after Hitler came to power in Status and Terrain(Ute Adamczewski).

The other three films of the International Competition are narrated in the first person, which does not mean that they offer narrower perspectives on contemporary society. The personal experience of the filmmakers mediates and highlights key issues such as migration to Europe in The Middle Sea(Jean Marc Chapoulie), depression in Just don’t think I’ll scream(Frank Beauvais), or geopolitical changes between the 1970s and the present day in Around the world when you were my age(Aya Koretz).

In order to evaluate these remarkable titles, One World Romania assembled for the first time a jury made up of specialists, who will award a prize to the film that pushes the furthest and most proficiently the border of the documentary genre. The jury will be composed of five professionals whose works are characterized by a free and original mix of genres, aesthetics and formats. Mariana Otero has produced politically engaged documentaries which have aroused controversy due to the directness with which they dealt with hot topics; alongside her work as a director, she teaches at workshops and universities in France. Ivana Mladenovic has become an important name of the young Romanian cinema after her first two films, Soldiers. Story from Ferentari and Ivana the Terrible, both of which questioned the fine line between documentary and fiction. Ana Lungu's filmography shows the same indifference to the traditional categories of cinema and a great deal of courage in using her own life as film material. Abbas Fahdel is a Franco-Iraqi film director, screenwriter and critic whose films, both fictional and documentaries, deal with the traumas of conflict in the Middle East. Jurij Meden works as curator and director of programming at the Austrian Film Museum, is the co-founder of the film preservation festival The Nitrate Picture Show and is also an experimental film director.

As in previous years, the films of the competition will be watched by a jury made up of high school students. The novelty of this edition is the partnership between One World Romania and Super, the teenagers’ film festival, who will work together to offer the selected young people a more in-depth and lasting journey. Being part of the jury of the One World Romania festival will only represent the first stage of a true immersion in a different way of making and watching films. This way is accessible only to those who have a good dose of intellectual curiosity and acuity in perceiving the particularities of film art - the first is the quality we seek in the members of the high school jury, and the second is what we intend to help them develop through a four-day documentary film workshop, which will take place during the festival. Led by three tutors from the Romanian film industry, the participants will carry out practical exercises (photographs and filming) that will make them discover what is at stake when representing reality through a lens. After the One World Romania festival, the selected teenagers will make the selection and organize the projections for the Super 2020 festival. Those interested can find additional details and register here.

We invite you to purchase the general festival tickets, at a price of 200 RON, from the Eventbook site. Their number is limited to 100, and the subscription gives you access to all the screenings and to the opening event of the festival - which will be quite special - as well as entries to all the screenings of the One World Romania Cineclub during the year, a DVD of your choice from our collection, the festival bag and many other cinephilic joys and surprises.

Until the 20th of February, when we put on sale all the tickets and launch the official website of the edition, stay connected to the One World Romania channels - on Facebook and on our blog - to find out more about what we are preparing for the 13th edition of the festival!

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